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    The state of plasmacraft

    February 1, 2012 by Jivix

    I think Plasmacraft is about due for a weaponry overhaul. This is the post I made on the Plasmacraft thread on minecraftforum: (wall of text warning)

    "I'm playing with this mod, buildcraft, and industrialcraft on my SMP server. I was wondering, what's the deal with all the different costs on the guns? The laser rifle is essentially free, and arguably better than most of the other guns. All of the other guns have fairly high resource costs considering their very low durability (especially the laser shotgun). What's the reasoning to all of this? The laser rifle I think is the fairest of them all. It still takes awhile to make the parts and ammo, and it doesn't last too long in the field. The limiting factor of this gun is that you can only ca…

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