Crafting radioboat

Radionite Boat recipe


The Radionite Boat is a boat made out of radionite ingots which are immune to all types of radioactive liquids, it will allow you to sail, protected, through a pool of caustics, however it is not immune to lava as the radionite will overheat and break back to parts, however sometimes it may appear that its immune to lava, but it will break as soon as the player gets in. It is crafted like a normal boat, but with radionite ingots.

  • it is crafted like a normal boat, but with radionite ingots.

Items can be throw in the boat to safely transport them through large pools of acid, making it a good way not to lose valuable items by falling into caustics

  • the radionite boat cannot swim in lava
  • comparison between a vanilla boat and plasma craft boat, bote unlike other mods, the texture isn't hued/tainted, it is made of scratch
  • items can be transported on the boat
  • the radionite boat can swim in all plasma craft liquids
  • radionite boats swimming in acid
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