Crafting acidtnt

Crafting Acidic TNT

The Acid TNT block has half the normal fuse of a normal TNT block(2 seconds), 2.5 times the blast radius, and will leave a pool of acid behind. This TNT is not good for booby traps, as it may break the structure around it and may destroy the loot, but it is good in clearing large area. the explosion itself is not enough to kill a mob if he's a little far, but the mob will fall in the acid and die, which is why redstone control is extremely adivised. if the acidic bomb explodes in air or in a liquid, it will create a cobble stone barrier, making cobblestone farming a bit easier but at a cost

  • what happens when an acidic bomb explodes in the air
  • acidic bomb land mines (not advisable)
  • an acidic bomb explosion
  • the acidic bomb itself

a smaller and mobile version of this TNT is available (see Acid Grenade )


  • if detonated by a flame arrow like regular TNT, it will turn into a regular tnt with a regular explosion and no acid. (tested in SSP, CSP and SMP)

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