Acid Pool

  A bright, translucent, glowing green fluid that flows faster than water, deals damage to any entity that comes into contact with it, and is the foundation of the crafting system in PlasmaCraft. It appears rarely in lakes on the surface, or more commonly in caves. When Acid comes into contact with water, Clay will form, replacing the water in contact with the Acid.

Acid GoopEdit

Acid Goop

Acid in a vial being cooked into Acid Goop.

 Acid can be turned into a goop once you pick it up using a Vial and cooking it in the Plasmificator. You can use this goop for fueling the Plasmificator for 5 uses. Also this goop can be cooked again and turn into Plasma.

The goop is used to make the Acid GrenadeAcid Launcher, and Acidic TNT.

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